Eviscerating Revolt Revoke Restore’s Appeal Narrative “for the record”

Revolt Revoke Restore and their libelous litigator have been perpetuating a false narrative concerning their appeal.  Eviscerating this false narrative is hardly difficult.  First, you can file a Notice of Appeal as soon as the order or judgment is signed by the superior court judge and file-stamped by the court clerk.  The judgement was signed by Superior … Continue reading Eviscerating Revolt Revoke Restore’s Appeal Narrative “for the record”

Who is NOSB18.ORG?

Have you visited the nosb18.org website being promoted via the Capitol Resource Institute Facebook page? Have you visited the No on SB 18 Facebook page?  Can CAPITOL RESOURCE INSTITUTE have a 'CITIZEN LOBBY DAY' considering Federal tax law requires that a 501(c)(3) nonprofit NOT carry on substantial lobbying activity? Who is Capitol Resource Institute? I decided to dig a little deeper.   According … Continue reading Who is NOSB18.ORG?

#SB18 Ballot Measure?

If Ruth Elizabeth "Bette" Davis were still with us, she'd have a piece of advice for the now mobilizing anti-#SB18 ARMY:  "Better buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride." The information you are about to read was obtained while researching #SB18 and the PAN FOR SENATE 2018 committee on the California Secretary of State website.    If you thought … Continue reading #SB18 Ballot Measure?

Kids in Common #SB18

Did you know Kids in Common and the Children’s Agenda Vision Council are following the lead of the Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council of San Mateo County and promoting the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth? If you aren't up to speed on the Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council please watch Jon Rappoport's recent interview here.   Today, I would … Continue reading Kids in Common #SB18

Common Sense Media’s #BS18

James (Jim) P. Steyer is the founder and CEO of #BS18 promoting nonprofit, Common Sense Media.  Let's begin our journey down the authoritarian #BS18 rabbit hole with a search of Common Sense Media via the California Secretary of State website.   Please note the search result pictured below.  *ENTITY NAME HAS CHANGED           Who is WEEDMAPS MEDIA LLC?  We'll get to that in a … Continue reading Common Sense Media’s #BS18

Appealing To Ignorance

How is it that the Revolt Revoke Restore plaintiffs and their blind followers remain defiantly unaware of—or unwilling to accept—basic civil procedure in a lawsuit?  Why has Revolt Revoke Restore attorney Todd Matthew Phillips failed to file form APP-002 despite repeated claims of the intent to appeal?  Ladies and gentleman, "to appeal from a superior court judgment or an appealable order … Continue reading Appealing To Ignorance

Pan Deposition 2.0 DATA DUMP

Do you remember this?    "trying to point-out alleged defects in our subpoena"???  In reality, I DID point out defects in the subpoena!  (Read the blog post here) And then the cyberstalking and harassment began.   Do you remember when Revolt Revoke Restore began resurrecting the Pan Deposition during the weeks leading up to their demurrer/motion to strike hearing?  "Rescheduled"???  "no rules broken"???  "trying to … Continue reading Pan Deposition 2.0 DATA DUMP