If you are unfamiliar Vaccines Revealed is a docu-series exploring the world and consequences of forced vaccinations. Experts from around the world share their expertise.     2017-06-04_0740

According to “Vaccines Revealed exists to be a beacon of light that shines uninhibited truth on this critical subject.”

As you can see below Vaccines Revealed has a list of ‘CORE VALUES’ displayed on their website.


Of course, Vaccines Revealed has a Facebook page in addition to their website.


Does Vaccines Revealed adhere to their own stated ‘CORE VALUES’ of “Uninhibited Truth”, “Disciplined Thinking”, “Free Speech” and “Civility” or are they an entity that spreads false, skewed, or whitewashed information on behalf of the entity or entities sponsoring them?  

Let’s examine the question in greater detail.

On June 2, 2017 Vaccines Revealed posted the following on their Facebook page. 


As you can see the post reads, “Breaking: Senator Pan proposes new bill to allow all Optometrists in California to be able to give vaccinations.”         


The TRUTH.  AB-443 was introduced by Assembly Member Rudy Salas, Jr. and there are no co-authors.  Below is a picture and a link to the Proposed Bill.  READ IT!


*(Unfortunately, 600+ individuals have ‘LIKED’ the Vaccines Revealed post and 270 individuals have actually ‘SHARED’ it.  The 200+ comments are a literal festival of ignorance.)   

For example:


Could it be any more obvious the Vaccines Revealed Facebook post is BULLSHIT? 

OK, I know what you are thinking.  The individuals above didn’t read the article or the bill before they ‘LIKED’ and ‘SHARED’ the post.  The 600+ individuals who ‘LIKED’ the post and the 270 individuals who ‘SHARED’ it didn’t read the article or bill either.  I’m being too harsh.  Too bad. 


WAKESHEEP wakes sheep and it’s painfully obvious to anyone with an above room temperature IQ that a large number of individuals are sleepwalking through life functioning as cogs.  Besides, is it my fault 600+ individuals ‘LIKED’ a BULLSHIT post they didn’t read?  

If you are an individual who did read the article and/or bill and still ‘LIKED’ or ‘SHARED’ the BULLSHIT post you are a mentally manipulated moron.  Period.      

Outraged by the fact Vaccines Revealed was intentionally misleading people I decided to post the following comment at approximately 6:00PM PST on the evening of June 3, 2017.  It was the first time I had visited the Vaccines Revealed Facebook page.


The next morning, June 4, 2017 6:00AM PST, I noticed my comment had been deleted and I could no longer comment on the post.  WOW!  Censoring the TRUTH!  


Is this behavior indicative of an organization with ‘CORE VALUES’ of “Uninhibited Truth”, “Disciplined Thinking”, “Free Speech” and “Civility” or behavior more indicative of an astroturf campaign?  (Astroturf is a term used to describe organizations or movements that are created or funded by large corporations, rich benefactors, or professional full-time activists, that have been contrived to appear to be “grassroots” movements formed by regular folks.)  

While many shills certainly engage in astroturfing to further their agendas, the astroturf itself generally relies on recruiting and organizing large numbers of unpaid volunteer participants.  In this case, Marianne Marks, Sheryl Lee Groth-Cuevas, the other 600+ individuals who ‘LIKED’ the post.  

It’s worth noting the ‘Fake News’ BULLSHIT I’m attempting to draw your attention to today isn’t limited to only the Vaccines Revealed Facebook page.  The same ‘Fake News’ BULLSHIT appears on the Vaccines Revealed website.    


Do you honestly think Vaccines Revealed accidentally published the same false information twice? And 0 comments?  Odd. 

I decided to try again by posting my comment on the Vaccines Revealed website.  


Same result.  Deleted again.  Interesting.  

Is this not confirmation Vaccines Revealed is intentionally deleting comments that draw attention to the fact they are lying?  

Am I the only one being censored?  No.  

I noticed Rachel Howes commented twice and both of her comments were deleted as well.  I reached out to Howes and she confirmed that she too was no longer able to comment on the post.   

Ladies and gentleman, if you aren’t outraged you aren’t paying attention.

Do you need more proof?  No problem. 

If California is serious about protecting the health of its children more than profits of the pharmaceutical industry, they should prove it by addressing these concerns before it’s too late.  

The original Vaccines Revealed post has since been edited and no longer attributes AB-443 to Senator Richard Pan. 


Do you know why Vaccines Revealed suddenly edited the post?  I do. 

Meet Jennifer Sinclair.  Sinclair posted the following comment on the Vaccine Revealed post sometime mid-afternoon on June 4, 2017.   


Yes, Sinclair actually thanked Vaccines Revealed for lying to everyone. 


Next, Sinclair decided to contact Larry Cook of Stop Mandatory Vaccinations. So much for exposing Vaccines Revealed to a larger audience.   

For those not quite up to speed, Larry Cook paid Capitol Partners, LLC $33,500 to lobby Sen. Pan’s SB-277 AFTER Sen. Pan’s SB-277 had been signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday, June 30, 2015.  Additionally, Cook was lobbying either for or against Sen. Pan’s SB-535.  SB-535 was a bill to encourage economic development in the downtown area of the City of the Sacramento.     



You can learn more about Cook by reading my previous blog post titled Larry Cook – Just The Facts. 

Within a few short hours of contacting Cook, sometime prior to 6:00PM, both the Vaccines Revealed Facebook post and website article had been edited.  

The question everyone should be asking…

Why did Vaccines Revealed intentionally DELETE 5 comments drawing attention to the fact they were lying?