Janine DeRose for Senate?

Do those who support Janine DeRose for Senate know the highest office ever held by a Libertarian in California was Bonnie Flickinger, a member of the Libertarian Party who got elected as mayor of Moreno Valley, California in 1993? Of course not. Low information voters, also known as LIVs or misinformation voters, are people who may vote, but who are generally poorly informed.  LIVs don’t know DeRose’s Friends In Support Of Recall Pan Committee hired Max Kanin, the former ‘Campaign Counsel’ for SB277 co-author Ben Allen. 
LIVs don’t know Senator Pan’s Ballot Measure Committee has been funded with $65,013.83 courtesy of the Recall Pan Committee. 
LIVs know Senator Richard Pan ran.  LIVs know DeRose is running. 
It has been said that voting is the only dangerous activity that the uninformed, irresponsible, and careless are encouraged to engage in.  Thomas Jefferson warned more specifically about the dangers of ignorant voters: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”


Janine DeRose, AKA Janine Kloss, describes herself as a Colleague with The Morning Star Co (Foundation for Harmony & Prosperity), Executive Director for the Libertarian Party of Sacramento and Chairman and CEO for Vote LP Today.


In April 2013 Janine Kloss, AKA Janine DeRose, unsuccessfully challenged 3-term California Libertarian Party Chairman Kevin Takenaga for his position at California’s convention.  At the time she held the position of Secretary for the California Libertarian Party and was recently elected Chairperson of Sacramento County. 

One month later, May 15, 2013, DeRose of the California Libertarian Party, a relative newcomer, was allowed to speak before the California Assembly about AB351.  Yes, DeRose’s relationship with SB277 Referendum fraudster Tim Donnelly  pre-dated her Team Sacramento “leadership” role in the SB277 Referendum scam. 

(Derose begins @ 4:40)

According to followthemoney.org DeRose’s 2016 District 7 Assembly campaign raised a total of $4,540.  cadistrict7money

According to the California Secretary of State DeRose’s 2016 District 7 Assembly campaign raised a total of $4,450.  

According to votersedge.org DeRose’s 2016 District 7 Assembly campaign received a total of 51 votes or 0.1%.  Yes, 0.1%.  Should Senator Pan be concerned? 
If you aren’t familiar with DeRose you can visit her Facebook group, Facebook page, Twitter page or her website made by Thorium Design, LLC.  Jarrett Tilford, married to Emily Tilford, AKA Emily Henkel, started Thorium Design, LLC in March of 2017.  For those not familiar, Emily Henkel is listed as Treasurer on DeRose’s ‘KLOSS FOR ASSEMBLY 2016’ Entity ID #1385527 filings with the California Secretary of State.  The ‘Current Elected Officers’ for the Libertarian Party of Sacramento are Jarret Tilford, Chair, Michael Sertic, Vice Chair, Janine Kloss, Secretary & Executive Director and Emily Tilford, Treasurer but I digress.  
The truth is, DeRose, as well as Tilford, are both proud Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson supporters despite the fact Libertarian Gary Johnson wants to give the government the power to FORCE VACCINATE your children.  
“Gary Johnson couldn’t be more of a sell out shill if he tried.”
(Audio clip here if you want to hear Gary Johnson’s nasally, boring, NPR commentator-sounding voice actually say the words.) 
Johnson’s anti-2nd Amendment running mate William Weld was a pro-TPP signatory on the CFR’s North American Union document AND he was not just a signatory but a main chairman on the Council on Foreign Relations’ North American Union document.
Weld wants to pander fear liberal left-style and destroy the 2nd Amendment just as much as his lifelong pal Hillary does
Basically, Gary “FORCE VACCINATE” Johnson is a total fraud and a complete idiot. (Watch video here)
Remember, DeRose SUPPORTED Johnson/Weld.  
Let that sink in as you continue reading.  


Janine DeRose, AKA Janine Kloss, may describe herself as a Colleague with The Morning Star Co (Foundation for Harmony & Prosperity), Executive Director for the Libertarian Party of Sacramento and Chairman and CEO for Vote LP Today but are LIV voters familiar with The Morning Star Co, Foundation for Harmony & Prosperity and the Libertarian Party of Sacramento?  Of course not.

If you ‘follow the money’ it does become rather interesting.

Do you remember the $4,200 ‘Contribution’ DeRose’s 2016 District 7 Assembly campaign received from “AGRICULTURALIST” Chris Rufer?  Did you notice the donation was made 11 days before the 2016 June 7th Primary?


Did you know $2,758.77 of Rufer’s $4,200 donation was ultimately returned?


Did you know Chris Rufer is the only donor Janine DeRose and Tim Donnelly have in common?



Ladies and gentleman, Chris Rufer is a registered Libertarian, funder of the Sacramento Libertarian Party and the founder and owner of a successful Woodland tomato processor called The Morning Star Co.  Yes, the same Morning Star Co. for which DeRose is a “Colleague.” 

According to the company’s website, “The Morning Star Company, and its affiliates, operate three tomato processing facilities in Central California, processing 25% to 30% of the California crop, plus tomato transplanting, farming, harvesting and trucking  operations.  Employment is approximately 350 year-round and over 2,000 seasonal colleagues with annual sales exceeding $900 million.”

Rufer is also the founder of the Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity.  A nonprofit expousing libertarian ideas.  Rufer rents a suite of 20th-floor offices at 500 Capitol Mall. (DeRose’s “office”)   

Rufer, a donor in the powerful network led by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch made the largest super-PAC donation in Libertarian Party history with his pledge to spend more than $1 million backing presidential nominee Gary “FORCED VACCINATION” Johnson.



Did you know Chris Rufer gave $500,000+ to AlternativePAC, a pro-Johnson group?


Rufer also gave $490,000 to a Utah PAC that supported the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate, Gary Johnson in 2012. 

Chris & Melodie Rufer are Tim Donnelly’s 5th and 6th TOP DONORS.  



TRUTH is a unique force in the universe. TRUTH, unlike an opinion, is not open to reasonable debate. Any reasonable person presented with the TRUTH will agree with it, so by definition, any debate or resistance must be unreasonable. The TRUTH shouldn’t be forced on people, but it should be available to people who need it.