Eviscerating Revolt Revoke Restore’s Appeal Narrative “for the record”

Revolt Revoke Restore and their libelous litigator have been perpetuating a false narrative concerning their appeal.  Eviscerating this false narrative is hardly difficult. 

First, you can file a Notice of Appeal as soon as the order or judgment is signed by the superior court judge and file-stamped by the court clerk.  The judgement was signed by Superior Court Judge Gregory W. Alarcon and file-stamped by the court clerk on October 21, 2016. 


Despite the fact that the judgement was signed by Superior Court Judge Gregory W. Alarcon and file-stamped by the court clerk October 21, 2016 an appeal was not filed until December 6, 2016. Or so activists were told.



Aside from the fact Revolt Revoke Restore’s post preceded their own attorneys verbatim post by 44 minutes (WTF?) was the Notice of Appeal “officially filed” on December 6, 2016 as claimed?  Of course not. 

EXHIBIT A:  December 10, 2016 Public Records Act Request


How does a letter from the Attorney General dated December 22, 2016 read, “The Attorney General’s Office does not know if Mr. Phillips has filed this Notice of Appeal or if a $775 filing fee accompanied this Notice of Appeal” if the appeal was “officially filed” on December 6, 2016?  

Clearly it wasn’t “officially filed” on December 6, 2016.  Instead, a PDF file of Form APP-002 was emailed to the Attorney General.    

EXHIBIT B:  Email 


EXHIBIT C:  Form APP-002




If you still aren’t convinced you were lied to on December 6, 2016 feast your eyes on the January 3, 2016 Facebook post from Revolt Revoke Restore pictured below.  


From the Courts: The Judicial Branch of California website.


On what planet is January 3, 2016 within 10 days of December 6, 2016? 

Visit https://www.lacourt.org/casesummary/ui/


The results of your search on the lacourt.org website will be:


Pay no attention to the fact January 3, 2016 is exactly 10 days from December 20, 2016.  







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