#SB18 Ballot Measure?

If Ruth Elizabeth “Bette” Davis were still with us, she’d have a piece of advice for the now mobilizing anti-#SB18 ARMY:  “Better buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

The information you are about to read was obtained while researching #SB18 and the PAN FOR SENATE 2018 committee on the California Secretary of State website.   

If you thought the previous posts titled Common Sense Media’s #BS18 and Kids In Common #SB18 were of concern guess again.  Buckle up! 


Please take a look at the ‘PAN FOR SENATE 2018’ Contributions Made page pictured below.panc

Please note the $4,900 “contribution” the PAN FOR SENATE 2018 committee made to the ‘Pan Ballot Measure’ committee. Yes, apparently Dr. Dick makes campaign contributions to himself.  

Next, I searched the California Secretary of State’s website for the ‘Pan Ballot Measure’ committee who received the $4,900 “contribution” and found ENTITY ID #1347510 pictured below


Apparently the ‘Pan Ballot Measure’ committee considered the $4,900 a loan as it was clearly reported as a loan.   


Did you notice the DATE DUE of 9/15/16?  Do you think the ‘Pan Ballot Measure’ committee has paid back the 0% interest loan Senator Pan made to his own ‘Pan Ballot Measure’ committee?  Nope.  

According to the CAMPAIGN STATEMENT (pictured below) the loan is listed as an ‘Outstanding Debt’.


And here is where it gets really interesting. I almost threw up.


If you don’t understand where Sen. Pan’s $50,013.50 in ‘Miscellaneous Increases to Cash’ came from read A Grassroots Epidemic Of Apathy published May 31, 2016.  Amazingly, the Grassroots Epidemic Of Apathy I wrote about 7 months ago continues. 

To this day, the Pan Recall committee remains “ACTIVE” but I digress.

recallstillactiveAnyway, back to the topic of this blog post.

Ballot Measures 

There are two ways a measure can be placed on the ballot.

  • The Legislature has the ability to place constitutional amendments, bond measures, and proposed changes in law on the ballot.

  • Any California voter can put an initiative or a referendum on the ballot by following the “How to Qualify an Initiative process.”

Once a measure has qualified for the ballot, it can be found on the Qualified Statewide Ballot Measures page.

Please read the suggested deadlines (PDF) to qualify initiatives for the 2018 Election Cycle.   

It’s not as if we don’t know there is a problem: we most certainly do.   

The Elephant In The Room. panelephantinroom

Remember, the Legislature has the ability to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot.  Is it possible the ‘Pan Ballot Measure’ committee is preparing to place a #SB18 constitutional amendment on the 2018 ballot?  



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