Does T. Matthew Phillips, Revolt Revoke Restore attorney, deserve an honorary degree for his outstanding contribution and dedication to the area of fakery and compulsive lying?  Apparently.  TMP can’t keep his own LIES straight from one day to the next. 

TRUTH is a unique force in the universe. TRUTH, unlike an opinion, is not open to reasonable debate. Any reasonable person presented with the TRUTH will agree with it, so by definition, any debate or resistance must be unreasonable. The TRUTH shouldn’t be forced on people, but it should be available to people who need it.



Is Kimberly McCauley a “liar” as Todd Matthew Phillips has suggested?  Of course not.  The suggestion is beyond absurd.  As anyone with an above room temperature IQ can see in the Temporary Restraining Order pictured above, Phillips is clearly the LIAR.  McCauley’s TRO was granted on June 16, 2016 yet nearly 2 weeks later on June 29th T. Matthew Phillips falsely claimed her TRO doesn’t exist.  Seriously?

Unfortunately, TMP’s insane behavior continues on a daily basis.    

For example:


First, “she was granted NO restraining order” doesn’t magically morph into “Anybody can walk into a court and request a TRO based on domestic violence –and they will get the TRO granted.” wow

*For those who may be interested you can read about the law in Code of Civil Procedure section 527.6  It’s grade school level reading, much like TMP’s complaints. 

Second, Federal laws, State laws, and local laws allow process servers to visit Defendants and to attempt service on them even if Defendants are unwilling to accept process.  An evasive or evading Defendant is a Defendant who you are attempting to serve and they are actively trying to hide from or avoid the Process Server.  If the process service job can’t be effected because the Defendant is not willing to accept process, the process server must leave the premises and document the circumstances of evasion of service for a future affidavit of attempted service.      

According to civil harassment laws say “harassment” means to “scare, annoy, or harass someone and there is no valid reason for it.”

You can ask for a civil harassment restraining order if:

  1. A person has abused (or threatened to abuse), sexually assaulted, stalked, or seriously harassed you, AND
  2. You are scared or seriously annoyed or harassed.

When you go to court to ask for a CIVIL HARASSMENT RESTRAINING ORDER, you fill out paperwork where you tell the judge everything that has happened and why you need a restraining order. If the judge believes you need protection, he or she will give you a temporary restraining order which Judge Raoul Thorbourne has done because Todd Matthew Phillips has certainly annoyed AND harassed McCauley for no valid reason.

Deliberately violating a temporary protective order against stalking or harassment, sexual assault, or child abuse can be prosecuted as a gross misdemeanor in Las Vegas.  The sentence is:

  • up to 364 days in Clark County Detention Center (or other county jail), and/or
  • up to $2,000 in fines

Deliberately violating an extended restraining order against stalking or harassment, sexual assault, or child abuse can be prosecuted as a category C felony in Las Vegas.  The sentence is:


The Las Vegas Sheriff’s Department attempted to properly serve McCauley’s Civil Harassment Restraining Order on June 22, 2016.  The attempts to serve were not successful.  Phillips has decided to evade service and continue to harass. In the end evading service may provide additional breathing time to the Respondent but it certainly isn’t going to help him with credibility at trial.  So evading service only works against the service evader Todd Matthew Phillips.  


(see **MINUTE ORDER** below). Please note (X Other:) “Refrain from posting photos of petitioner and petitioners children or posting any other information identifying petitioner or her children on line.”


A “credible threat of violence” means intentionally saying something or acting in a way that would make a reasonable person afraid for his or her safety or the safety of his or her family. A “credible threat of violence” includes following or stalking someone, making harassing calls, or sending harassing messages, by phone, mail, or e-mail, over a period of time (even if it is a short time).

On July 6th, McCauley again attempted service at not only Phillips’s 916 Bistro Bay Ave. address but the address listed on the DEFAMATION lawsuit which was served July 1, 2016.  Amazingly, McCauley was served during a candlelight vigil to honor vaccine injury victims. Yes, TMP also apparently has no respect for vaccine injury victims.    

USPS Tracking information confirms both deliveries were left on the doorstep.    




TRANSLATION:  T. Matthew Phillips the Truth Unfolds hates the TRUTH!

CONCLUSION:  Avoiding the process server does not mean that a legal matter simply goes away.  McCauley’s next hearing is scheduled for July 22, 2016. 

Stay tuned…

*UPDATE* 7/22/16  MinuteOrder


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