For those unfamiliar, SB277 Referendum “leadership” announced a signature gathering CONTEST on September 18, 2015.  The CONTEST took place September 19th – 26th.  As you can see in the screenshot pictured below, the CONTEST read, “we are announcing a CASH PRIZE contest for the TOP THREE volunteers who deliver us the most SIGNATURES during this remaining week.”  The prizes were 1st place $2,777 and “I will even throw in a dinner with Tim Donnelly who will deliver the money personally!”, 2nd place $1,277 and 3rd place $577.


Recently, after 125 days of waiting I might add, the Committee For SB277 Referendum campaign finance disclosures have revealed the winners of the SB277 Referendum CONTEST.  Sort of.  The filing lists William Moy as the recipient of $2,777 for 1st place and Sean Burke is listed as the recipient of $1,277 for 2nd place. (see pic below) Who won $577 for 3rd place?  Why is there no listing for 3rd place? We’ll get to that shortly, trust me, it’s interesting to say the least.

*WARNING* If you are a Tim “If I’ve given you ANY reason to question my integrity, I’d hope you’d state it” Donnelly Kool-Aid drinker and not a thinker it might be best to stop reading now. 


On Friday, November 13, 2015 I received the following message from SB277 Referendum “leadership” team member Kristen Hundley (see pic below).  Please keep in mind the CONTEST had already ended 49 days prior.  As you can see Hundley informed me I had won 3rd place with 941 signatures submitted during the week of the CONTEST.  Congratulations right?  Wrong.  And here’s where it becomes really interesting. 


Do you now understand why there was no $577 3rd place winner listed on the Committee For SB277 Referendum January 29, 2016 campaign filing?   I know what you’re thinking, it’s his own fault because he wouldn’t provide his address.  If that’s how you feel I can only suggest re-reading my response above as you are clearly missing the point of this information.  I’ll dumb it down: The Committee For SB277 Referendum HAS my address!  Besides, in the age of information ignorance is a choice.  It’s not the least bit difficult to look up an address online if one were so inclined. Did you really attend UCLA Kristen?  I know, a few of you are still thinking it’s his own fault because he wouldn’t provide his address.  I’ll dumb it down further: Wakey Wakey CONTEST Fakey! Think about it.  How would “leadership” know how many signatures a certain individual submitted unless all 58 county coordinators were keeping track?  If you think coordinators kept track during the week of the CONTEST you are delusional.  

Feeling extremely cheated for all my hard work on the SB277 Referendum I decided to reach out to 1st and 2nd place winners William Moy and Sean Burke.  I was curious.  How many signatures had they submitted.  Did the 1st and 2nd place winners submit more than 941 signatures?  Surely they did.  Unfortunately, 1st place winner Moy has not responded to date.  Sean Burke, the $1,277 2nd place winner was more forthcoming and replied to my inquiry.  Again, I sincerely appreciate your honesty Mr. Burke.   


I was shocked!!!  Did he really just say 150 or so?  Is Referendum “leadership” using Common Core math or did ARNO count the CONTEST signatures?  

Does “leadership” honestly not know 941 is a larger number than 150? Why was I told I had won 3rd place? I let some time pass, I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  I made a second inquiry just to be sure.  Perhaps Burke meant to say 1,500 initially.  Again, Burke replied however slightly increasing his previous estimate of 150.  


The End.  Any questions?



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