SB277 GoFundMe FRAUD

For readers who’ve mostly ignored Tim Donnelly’s SB277Referendumgate — assuming it would disappear — and now feel the need to catch up, here’s a primer on why it matters. It’s difficult to avoid leaving behind a paper trail (or e-trail). Many difficult questions now present themselves and presumably the FPPC will be asking them.

The editing of Donnelly’s Keep Kids In School – Stop SB277 GoFundMe page updates did not occur until sometime between January 16th and January 29th. Despite parroting the phrase, “Every dollar donated will go to the Committee for SB277 Referendum (FPPC ID#1379559) and will be used to hire a professional petition company” it’s now painfully obvious to anyone with an above room temperature IQ it didn’t happen.  According to the California Elections Code and FPPC Regulations the act is unlawful as well as criminal. 


Violations of the Political Reform Act include “False, inadequate, or inaccurate reporting on statements of economic interests, campaign statements and reports” and dozens upon dozens of such “False, inadequate or inaccurate reporting” are publicly available via the Secretary of State filing.  For example, Donnelly’s November 2nd SOS filing lists many donations multiple times for the same person.  Stuart Cheff‘s donation of $1,022.00 is listed a whopping 11 times! See for yourself: (pages 27,28,29,67,94 &105)


The “paid coordinators” mentioned via the newly edited version of the GoFundMe page are clearly listed on the Secretary of State’s website. For example, $4,947.10 paid to Campaign Compliance Group Inc. and $3,200 paid to Daniel Perumal, who ironically just so happens to work for Donnelly’s former employer the California State Assembly.  


All the funds spent on something other than a “professional petition company” are listed on the Committee’s campaign finance disclosures. They are public record.  So far tens of thousands of donated dollars have been spent in ways other than contributors were promised. Of the $170,842.00 raised via Donnelly’s GoFundMe page approximately $113,227.00 to date has been spent.  The apathy among grassroots activists regarding what has taken place is completely mind boggling. 

To file a sworn complaint with the FPPC, please complete, sign, and date the ‘Complaint Form’.…/file-a-complaint.html.html  You may either mail it to the address on the form or submit it electronically to


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